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GOP Rep: ‘I Will Not Support Trump’

The GOP is currently fractured and struggling to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump will be representing them in 2016.

Rep. Scott Rigell made it clear on Tuesday that a Trump candidacy is “nothing short of catastrophic.”

“Never before have I grabbed a word like catastrophic to make a political point. It’s like pulling a fire alarm; if you do it, there had better be a fire. There is a fire and it’s raging within our Republican party,” he wrote.

“What void must exist in the heart of a person who when asked about the KKK has to struggle for even a moment as to what his position is? And what void must be present in the mind of a would-be president who is unapologetic in quoting Mussolini and states publicly that he admires Putin?”

The Hill reports:

Rigell joins Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse (R) in pledging not to support Trump, even as the GOP nominee.

Rigell called out Trump for being someone who teaches the next generation of Republicans to belittle their adversaries and mock people.

“Trump is a bully, unworthy of our nomination,” he wrote.

“My love for our country eclipses my loyalty to our party, and to live with a clear conscience I will not support a nominee so lacking in the judgement, temperament and character needed to be our nation’s commander-in-chief. Accordingly, if left with no alternative, I will not support Trump in the general election should he become our Republican nominee.

He urged other Republicans in his letter to “vote for any candidate but Donald Trump.”

Rigell announced in January that he will not seek reelection after his three terms in the House.

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