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Sanders Pledges to Win ‘Many Hundreds of Delegates’

Bernie Sanders may not have come out on top of Super Tuesday, but he pledged to his supporters to continue his campaign and promised that he would win “many hundreds of delegates.”

“Tonight you’re going to see a lot of election results come in. … This is not a general election; it’s not winner take all,” Sanders said in a victory speech on Super Tuesday in his home state of Vermont. “By the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates.

“You know why we are going to win? Because our message is resonating. And the people, when we stand together, will be victorious,” he continued.

“Ten months ago … we were at 3 percent in the polls. We have come a very long way. … At the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted, 35 states remain. And let me assure you that we are going to take our fight … to every one of those states.”

The Hill reports:

Projections showed Sanders losing handily to Clinton in Virginia and Georgia — states home to many more minority voters than Vermont — raising doubts about his competitive future in the primary.

Sanders told the cheering crowd in Essex Junction, Vt., that his campaign has goals beyond getting elected.

“This campaign is not just about electing a president,” he said. “It is about making a political revolution.

“I know that Secretary Clinton and many of the establishment people think I am looking and thinking too big,” Sanders said as he stood on a stage beside his wife, Jane.

“I don’t think so,” he added as the crowd booed.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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