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Marco Rubio Blames Donald Trump for Turning Campaign Into ‘Vulgar Spectacle’

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio launched an assault on Donald Trump on Thursday, criticizing the frontrunner for the “vulgar spectacle” that is the 2016 election cycle.

“Look, I regret the way the campaign has become, absolutely, because Donald Trump for the last year has made it one of the most vulgar spectacles in American politics history,” Rubio said today on “Good Morning America.”

“He has offended personally every single person running for president, he’s offended journalists, he’s offended the disabled, he’s offended women. I would love for all that to stop. I’d rather talk about the issues.”

ABC News reports:

Rubio argued: “He needs to get a taste of his own medicine. Nothing I have ever said comes anything close to what Donald Trump says regularly on a daily and routine basis.”

Rubio continued his attack of Trump as a “con-artist,” pointing to Trump’s changing position on immigration and his answers on health care and foreign policy during Thursday night’s Republican debate.

Rubio said in the debate he would still support the Republican nominee even if that person is Trump.

“I wish people would have a better choice,” Rubio said if the general election came between Hillary Clinton and Trump.

The Florida senator also said he was confident in his ability to win his home state’s primary.

Photo credit: CPAC.

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