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Obama Plans to Stay in DC After Leaving Office

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that he plans to stay in Washington, D.C. after leaving office in order to allow his youngest daughter Sasha to finish high school.

“We haven’t figured that out yet,” he said. “We’re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish” school.

“Transferring someone in the middle of high school — tough.”

The Hill reports:

The Obamas have long been expected to remain in Washington to allow Sasha to earn her high school diploma. But the president’s comments suggest that the decision has been made.

Sasha will be 15 years old and a sophomore at Sidwell Friends School when her father leaves the White House in January 2017.

The president indicated in 2013 he might stay in Washington to allow Sasha to finish school.

“We gotta make sure that she’s doing well … until she goes off to college,” he said in an interview with ABC News’s Barbara Walters. “Sasha will have a big say in where we are.”

It’s rare for former presidents to remain in the nation’s capital as private citizens. The last one to do so was Woodrow Wilson, who was in poor health at the end of his second term, in 1921.

While the Obama’s haven’t chosen a final destination, New York and California have been floated as possibilities.

Obama’s older daughter, Malia, is set to graduate high school this spring and go to college in the fall.

Photo credit: White House.

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