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Republican Florida Governor Won’t Endorse Before Primary

Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuses to endorse a Republican candidate before the upcoming Florida primary.

“I have made it my practice to not get involved in primaries because picking the Republican candidate is the voters’ job,” Scott wrote in a statement posted to Facebook on Thursday.

“The political class opposed me when I first ran for office, they did not want a businessman outsider, but the voters had other ideas,” he said.
“I trust the voters, so I will not try to tell the Republican voters in Florida how to vote by endorsing a candidate before our primary on March 15,” Scott continued. “I believed in the voters when I first ran for office, and I still believe in them today.”

The Hill reports:

Scott could have faced a tough choice. He has spoken favorably of front-runner Donald Trump, but the primary is also a must-win for home-state Sen. Marco Rubio.

There were reports on the night of Super Tuesday that Scott would endorse Trump, but a representative quickly denied those rumors.

“I have a lot of respect for Rick Scott. I don’t know about his endorsement, but he’s a friend of mine; I have a lot of respect for Rick Scott,” Trump told reporters Tuesday night.

Scott penned an op-ed in January that was seen as favorable toward Trump. “[T]here is no doubt that Donald is a man who speaks and tweets his mind freely,” he wrote.

“I continue to believe that economic growth and job creation is the most crucial issue for the next President to tackle,” Scott said in his statement Thursday.

“We have turned our economy around here in Florida by bringing conservative free market principles to government. Without economic growth our country will fail to become stronger domestically or internationally.”

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