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Carson Regrets Not Having More Control over Campaign

Ben Carson opened up about his failed campaign on Friday, suggesting that he should have maintained better control over his campaign.

“I regret not choosing my own people early on,” he told WABC’s Election Central with Rita Cosby on Friday in a pre-taped interview released after he ended his bid.

“Letting other people do that and trusting them, that was clearly a mistake.”

“I did the math, I looked at the delegate count, looked at the states, looked at the requirements,” he said in the speech.

“I realized it simply wasn’t going to happen and if that’s the case, I didn’t want to interfere with the process.”

The Hill reports:

He told Cosby that the media had treated him unfairly.

“Three weeks ago I did a one-hour town hall in South Carolina on national defense and the major challenges facing us in foreign policy and it was wall-to-wall reporters,” Carson said.

“And they were flabbergasted by my knowledge of everything, but only one of them wrote a story. And that’s because they’re looking for something bad to say. They never want to report anything good.”

Carson’s numbers hit a high in November when he topped Donald Trump in some national polls. But his numbers crashed down to Earth after a series of foreign policy missteps on the trail.

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