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Trump: I’m ‘Much Richer’ than Romney

Donald Trump fired back at Mitt Romney on Friday, making fun of him for being poorer than he is.

“He’s an elitist, but I don’t consider him elite because I’m much richer than he is,” Trump said at a rally in Warren, Mich., a day after Romney made a highly publicized speech laying out his case against the GOP presidential front-runner.

The Hill reports:

The New York billionaire went on to say that a Gucci store he owns in Manhattan is worth more than Romney.

Trump also slammed Romney for his failed 2012 presidential campaign, repeatedly calling him a choke artist.

“In one speech, he lost 47 percent of the voters,” he said, referring to remarks Romney made in 2012 suggesting that 47 percent of the country was dependent on the government.

“This is not a smart guy,” Trump added.

“He is a dumb guy. I’ve always said he’s a dumb guy,” he added later.

In his speech Friday, Romney called Trump a fraud and said he was leading the nation “into the abyss.”

Photo credit: Boston Globe.

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