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Rubio Wins Puerto Rico Republican Primary

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio managed to secure a victory in Puerto Rico’s primary on Sunday.

Rubio took him 74 percent of the vote, to Donald Trumps 13 percent and Ted Cruz’s 9 percent.

The Hill reports:

Rubio had already earned the support of three superdelegates and will get the other 20 as well, given his wide margin of victory. Delegates are proportionally divided only among candidates who receive more than 20 percent of the vote.

Although those living in Puerto Rico can’t participate in the general election in November, Republicans can choose a candidate in the primary.

Even before the results were finalized, the former governor of the island tweeted congratulations to Rubio.

Democrats in Puerto Rico will caucus to chose a candidate on June 5.

In Puerto Rico, about 6,000 prisoners were given the chance to cast absentee ballots, The Associated Press reported. About 25,000 people were expected to show up to vote, meaning that number made up a significant portion of the expected voters.

Voters were looking for a candidate who could help the island’s economic crisis, according to the AP.

Rubio held a campaign event in Puerto Rico on Saturday.

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