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Colin Powell to 2016 Candidates: ‘Stop with the Nastiness’

Colin Powell criticized the current crop of presidential candidates and urged them all to “stop with the nastiness.”

“I think the campaign has gone into the mud,” the former secretary of State, who did not mention any candidates by name, said during an appearance on “CBS This Morning” on Monday.

“The comments they’re making toward each other, the nastiness, it’s running us into the ground,” Powell continued. “The foreigners of the world looking at this are distressed.”

The Hill reports:

Powell acknowledged that candidates argue with each other during the primary season. “But this nastiness, they really have to stop it.”

He suggested a period of empathy following the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan over the weekend would spur Republicans to “stop with the nastiness.”

Political observers on Sunday noticed that Trump shared a tweet remembering Reagan sandwiched within a minute by tweets ripping a New York Times columnist and hitting the plaintiff in a case against him.

Powell on Monday pushed back on the GOP race devolving into a “reality show” of sorts.

“You know you’re in trouble when Jerry Springer even thinks it’s over the top,” Powell told CBS, referring to the raucus talk show host’s recent comments on the GOP race in a Financial Times article.

Powell, who twice endorsed Barack Obama and insisted in September that he was a Republican, declined to say who he’d be supporting this year, arguing party affiliation takes a back seat to “concern” for the country.

Photo credit: CNN.

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