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Trump Takes Michigan

The results are in and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has secured a victory in Michigan.

The Hill reports:

Trump beat out rival John Kasich, who had thrown everything at winning the Rust Belt state.

It’s the second win of the night for Trump, as the businessman has also been projected the winner of the primary in Mississippi, where 40 delegates are at stake.

Michigan’s 59 delegates make it the biggest contest of Tuesday’s races. The win there gives Trump momentum heading into key contests next week in Ohio, Kasich’s home state, and Florida, rival Marco Rubio’s home state.

Trump’s victory in Michigan is important for two reasons beyond the accumulation of delegates.

A loss in Michigan — on the heels of surprising losses to Ted Cruz in Kansas and Maine on Saturday — would have accelerated the narrative that the billionaire’s support is fading.

And Trump’s Michigan victory keeps alive the businessman’s message that he can beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in a general election by appealing to so-called “Reagan Democrats” in Rust Belt states like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

His victory in Mississippi, meanwhile, continues his dominance of the Deep South, a region that Ted Cruz once expected to fall in his column.

Clinton won Mississippi handily on Tuesday, while the race in Michigan is too close to call, with Bernie Sanders winning in early returns.

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