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Cruz: Trump Attacking My Faith Because He’s Nervous

Ted Cruz suggested on Tuesday that Donald Trump was attacking him on his faith because he is nervous.

“Donald says a different entertaining thing every day, and you can usually tell how dismayed he is by his volume, by the level of insults,” Cruz told reporters in North Carolina.

“And typically, when he goes down to attacking people’s faith, it’s a sign that Donald is really, really worried.”

The Hill reports:

Trump at a Monday rally said Cruz “comes in, Bible high … puts the Bible down, then lies to you.”

Cruz said his success in Saturday’s elections is linked to Trump’s attacks.

The Texas senator won over the weekend in Kansas and Maine, and narrowly lost to Trump in Louisiana and Kentucky.

“He got clobbered on election day. So of course, Donald is upset, and I will predict he will engage in more attacks,” Cruz said.

“They will be more personal, they will be more nasty, and we’re going to continue not to respond in kind but instead to focus on issues and substance and policy because that’s what the voters expect.”

Photo credit: The Libertarian Republic.

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