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Sanders: ‘I Don’t Have to Defend Myself to Anybody’ on Healthcare

Bernie Sanders argued that he didn’t have to prove to anyone that he is committed to revamping and improving healthcare in the United States.

“To criticize me on healthcare is not quite fair because I have been a leader in Congress from day one in the fight for universal healthcare, to make certain that in the United States, we join the rest of the industrialized world [and] guarantee healthcare to all people,” he told host John Dickerson on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“I have led the effort to take on the greed and the unconscionable pricing of the drug companies who are ripping us off, who are charging us the highest prices in the world, such that millions of Americans can’t even afford the medicine that they need,” the Democratic presidential candidate added.

“I don’t have to defend myself to anybody about the role I played in healthcare. I do believe that we should move to a Medicare-for-all healthcare system, which finally says that healthcare is a right to all people in our country, something which differentiates me from [former] secretary [of State] Clinton.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders praised Clinton for helping spearhead the push for universal healthcare in America, however.

“I have always said that Hillary Clinton did a very, very good job as first lady,” he said of her work on the issue during her husband’s presidential administration. “She kind of broke the mold as to what a first lady should be doing.”

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