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Palin Appears in Florida with Trump

Donald Trump has brought Sarah Palin with him to Florida to try and convince voters that he is the best candidate to lead the Republican Party and to govern the United States.

The Hill reports:

The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate was scheduled to campaign with Trump in The Villages, Fla., on Monday afternoon — one day ahead of the state’s winner-take-all primary. But the former Alaska governor canceled after her husband suffered serious injuries in a snowmobile accident Sunday.
Palin on Monday thanked the crowd for its support and said her husband, Todd, is recovering in the intensive care.

“When somebody is sick in your family … all of these real life issues happen, it really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it,” Palin said. “It makes me appreciate the time we have to spend on something so worthy, and that’s to get Donald J. Trump elected president.”

Palin condemned the recent string of protesters who have interrupted Trump’s events, calling it “petty, punk-ass little thuggery stuff.”

She said the protesters have infringed upon Trump supporters’ First Amendment rights to gather peacefully and blasted the media for the coverage of the recent events.

The Monday Tampa event followed several instances of violence and disruptions at Trump’s campaign rallies.

His rally in Chicago on Friday was canceled due to safety concerns over massive protests. A protester at an Ohio rally on Saturday was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after charging the stage.

Trump has said he doesn’t condone the violence at his rallies. But critics have panned him for inciting the recent disruptions.

Photo credit: OANN.

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