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Warren: ‘Trump Is a Bigger, Uglier Threat Every Day’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren talked about Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying that he is evolving into a bigger threat every day.

“Donald Trump is a bigger, uglier threat every day that goes by — and it’s time for decent people everywhere — Republican, Democrat, Independent — to say No More Donald,” the Massachusetts senator said in a Facebook post this week.

“I am not happy to see Donald Trump even threatening to get anywhere near the presidency,” Warren said in a local television interview aired Monday. “Don’t take me there. That is a form of extremism. He advocates a form of ugliness that I don’t want any part of.”

The Hill reports:

Warren also slammed Senate Republicans during a television interview last week, suggesting they had “nursed their extremists along” and are now “paying the price,” referring to Trump’s popularity, which has surprised many within the party.

While Warren has shied away from any plans to endorse in the Democratic race, she suggested on Facebook that too many people are “watching silently as the threat metastasizes.”

Trump is leading a field of four Republican candidates and is hoping to pick up more wins Tuesday, when five states vote, including Florida and Ohio, where delegates are awarded on a winner-take-all basis.

Trump’s rivals are hoping to deny him the necessary number of delegates to secure the nomination, forcing a contested convention over the summer.

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