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Clinton Campaign Hits One Million Donors

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President has hit one million donors, a milestone her opponent hit near the New Year.

“I’m told the number just ticked over: As of a few minutes ago, 1,000,000 people have pitched in to be a part of this campaign. Thank you,” the candidate Tweeted on Friday.

“I’m incredibly grateful that people are giving what they can afford–94[ percent] of donations are $100 or under,” she wrote, signing the tweets with the letter “H.”

The Hill reports:

Both Clinton and her Dem rival, Bernie Sanders, have sought to play up contributions from small donors.

Sanders has tried to tie Clinton to Wall Street, claiming he doesn’t accept money from “millionaires and billionaires.” He has solicited an average of $27 from more than 5.7 million individual contributions.

The Sanders campaign (sub?)tweeted this:

Front image via screengrab


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