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Warren Responds to Darth Vader Comparison: I’m More Of A Princess Leia

It’s always a good day when U.S. politics mixes with Star Wars, and Thursday Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was compared to everyone’s favorite villain: Darth Vader.

Republican Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri said that Warren is “the Darth Vader of the financial services world” and oddly suggested she be “neutered.”

“I’ve always seen myself more as a Princess Leia-type (as a senator and Resistance general who, unlike the guys, is never even remotely tempted by the dark side). Clearly the Force is not strong with Congressman Luetkemeyer (maybe he’s a Trekkie),” Sen. Warren wrote in an e-mail.

“Why would he go out of his way to say something so sexist and offensive? Is he hostile to all women? Clueless? Afraid? And then I had a second thought: This is all about money,” she wrote.

“Congressman Luetkemeyer was on a panel about the ‘changing political landscape’ in a room full of Wall Street bankers — powerful people who have been working for years to roll back financial reform. Trying to land the best zinger with my name is just one more way to earn chits and try to cash in big time with that audience.”

“Look, if Wall Street and their buddies in the Republican party want to launch an assault on financial regulations and they want to say ‘let’s roll back Dodd-Frank’ all I can say is ‘let’s have that fight. I’m ready. You can make it with words or anything else you want, but I am not backing down.”

The comment was made during a panel discussion on MSNBC. However, it seems Rep. Luetkemeyer did realize that the Force would awaken in Sen. Warren.

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