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Protesters Face Off With Police At Utah Trump Rally

A group of protesters got rowdy and tussled with police outside of a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Protesters tore down a security tent, all the while chanting “shut it down” outside the doors. Police moved through the scene, and some ran into protesters.

Eventually the scene got uglier as police in full riot gear clashed with a line of protesters, each side pushing and shoving.

The Hill reports:

Videos showed protesters tearing down a security tent and chanting “shut it down” outside the rally, according to Fox 13 in Salt Lake City.

The network also reported rocks were being thrown at Trump supporters as they left the rally, and protesters were pushing up against a line of officers.

The city’s police indicated that despite some disturbances, the protests were not as tumultuous as feared.

“Our officers were on standby, we were just hoping everything was peaceful, and, no problems whatsoever, and fortunately it turned out just as we anticipated,” Det. Cody Lougy said.

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