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Bernie Sanders: Media Tries To Divide Us

Senator Bernie Sanders has reverted to an argument made by many struggling politicians: it’s all the damned media’s fault.

“What the media tries to do is divide us up and suggest this country is hopelessly divided and everybody hates everybody,” he said at a campaign stop on Sunday.

“Sometimes we forget … nobody agrees with anybody else 100 percent of the time.”

The Hill reports:

The country isn’t as divided as the media makes it seem, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said at a campaign stop in Idaho Falls, Idaho Friday.

He added: “I think sometimes the divisions are not quite as deep as some would make out.”

He said, for example, that Republicans and Democrats in Idaho can probably agree that the U.S. economy is “rigged” to benefit the super wealthy and that elections shouldn’t be bought.

“You met my wife Jane. She’s a little bit smarter than I am,” Sanders said. “We don’t agree on everything. That’s true for families. That’s true for society.”

Sanders’s Idaho stop comes ahead of the state’s Democratic caucuses Tuesday.

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