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Poll: Trump Would Lose Home State NY in General Election

Donald Trump has had a whirlwind and unexpected campaign, despite all conventional wisdom suggesting his candidacy should have fizzled out months ago. However, he has consistently dominated the polls and his electoral victories reflect that.

Yet a new poll from Emerson College has found that while Trump holds a commanding primary lead over his Republican rivals, he would almost surely lose the general election.

Trump has a 52-point advantage on Ted Cruz who is only polling at 12 percent, while John Kasich is at one percent. Yet, Trump would lose New York in the general election by 19 points to Hillary Clinton and 17 points to the Brooklyn-born Bernie Sanders.

The Hill reports:

Cruz, who’s running second to Trump in the GOP race, would similarly face unfriendly terrain in New York, losing by 31 points to Clinton, a former senator of the state whose campaign is based in Brooklyn.

Clinton, who was twice elected as a New York senator, locked up wins in five more states on Tuesday, extending her delegate lead. She’s favored by 48 points over Sanders, 71 percent to 23 percent, to win the New York primary on April 19, according to the Emerson poll.

The survey of 768 likely general election voters in New York, which traditionally favors Democrats, was conducted March 14–16 via landlines with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

The survey of 298 likely GOP primary voters has a margin of error of 5.6 points, while the survey of 373 likely Democratic primary voters has a margin of error of 5 points.

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