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Elizabeth Warren: Trump’s A ‘Loser’

Donald Trump has a history of going off on Twitter, insulting his opponents or whatever else has him angry on a given day. However, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has taken it to Trump with some angry tweets of her own.

The Hill reports:

Her comments come as Democrats are stepping up their criticism of Trump and pushing GOP leadership and vulnerable lawmakers to denounce him. Republicans have been wary of completely cutting ties with the businessman and his supporters, whom they will likely need in November.
Some Republican lawmakers are scheduled to meet with Trump on Monday. 
The Twitter remarks are the latest in a recent string from Warren, who has been increasingly willing to take rhetorical shots at Trump as he’s continued to dominate the GOP presidential field.
Earlier this month, she said all voters should “say no more Donald” and suggested he was spreading “a form of hate.”
Trump is currently leading Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in national polls by 9 percentage points,according to RealClearPolitics. He’s also leading the rest of the presidential field in delegates, with 678, compared to 423 for Cruz, who is in second place.

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