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Poll: Over Half Of Americans Want To Punch Donald Trump In The Face

This has been a contentious election year, perhaps the most heated race in a few generations, and there is only one person to blame for that: Donald Trump.

So that’s perhaps why a vulgar question on a new poll shows that a majority of those polled want to punch Donald Trump in his face.

A string of violent assaults and reactions to protesters has cast a shadow of violence over this primary that scares many Americans. But, apparently, it also gets them angry and in a punching mood.

The Hill reports:

[Along with Trump,] Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton ranks second in the WalletHub/Survey Monkey poll released Monday, with 14 percent.

President Obama is a close third, with 13 percent, while a generic “congressman” takes fourth place on the list, with 12 percent.

Another 4 percent most want to punch an IRS agent, while 2 percent pick a tax attorney and 1 percent name an accountant.

The public figures on the list are still better liked than the IRS, however.

WalletHub/Survey Monkey conducted its latest survey of 1,000 individuals via online surveys from March 15 to 16.

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