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Trump Offers Job To Woman At D.C. News Conference

Donald Trump’s press conferences are often ridiculous affairs where anything can happen. However, for one woman, his latest press conference could have been a career-making opportunity.

The woman asked the candidate a question at the conference, asking an inaudible question about hiring veterans for his D.C. Hotel. After Trump asked if she was a veteran–which she said she was–he thanked her for her service and brought her onstage to offer her a job.

The Hill reports:

“Here’s what I’m going to do, stand right over here,” he said to the woman.

“If we can make a good deal in the salary, she’s going to probably have a job.”

When asked why he decided to take the risk to promise a job to someone he did not know, Trump said that he “felt good about her.”

“I have a gut instinct. We are allowed to have that,” he said as the woman smiled and teared up.

Trump held the event at the Old Post Office Pavilion, which he is transforming into a luxury hotel that’s due to open in September.

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