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Bernie Sanders Jokes About Topless Protester At Rally

Bernie Sanders joked about a topless protester who had messages written on her body during a radio interview on Tuesday.

“Well, I was trying very hard to get every detail,” he said to KTAR after they asked what
“No, just kidding,” Sanders said to big laughs, continuing, “No, actually I was trying to focus on a couple of other things.”

The Hill reports:

A woman who tried unsuccessfully to get into one of Trump’s rallies in Arizona over the weekend opted to show up at Sanders’s rally in Phoenix on Saturday instead.
The words “stop fascism” were revealed on her back and “hate speech is not free speech” were marked on her chest, as she stood on someone’s back, interrupting Sanders’s rally.
During his radio interview Monday first highlighted by BuzzFeed, Sanders blasted Trump’s proposals on illegal immigration and his harsh rhetoric on Muslims and other minorities.
Sanders said the businessman would be a “disaster” for the U.S. and “an international embarrassment” if he became president. His comments come ahead of voting Tuesday in Arizona.

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