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Bernie Sanders Wins Utah and Idaho Primary Contests

Senator Bernie Sanders pulled off huge wins in Idaho and Utah on Tuesday, winning victories by the high margins he needs to in order to stand a chance to make up the lead in pledged delegates Hillary Clinton currently enjoys.

This is a much-needed win after the Sanders campaign lost five contests in one night, after a big upset in the Michigan primary.

The Hill reports:

Sanders’s win, while important for keep his campaign alive, will likely do little to change the trajectory of the overall contest.

Utah was seen as favorable territory for Sanders, with an overwhelmingly white population and a caucus process that tends to reward candidates who have the most fervent supporters.

It is the second time Clinton has lost Utah, having ceded the state to then-Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) in the 2008 Democratic primaries. Utah offers 33 delegates, which will be awarded proportionally.

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