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Poll Majority Of Republicans Say Party Should Get Behind Trump At Convention

The movement within the Republican party to take the nomination away from the front-runner Donald Trump is unlike anything that’s happened before in the modern American primary election system.

Party leaders and candidate John Kasich have all said that a contested convention, in which no candidate has the majority and delegates vote for whomever they want to, is the best solution to win the election in November.

Unfortunately, a majority of Republicans surveyed in a new Monmouth University poll say that the party should rally behind Trump if he has the delegates. Fifty-four percent of Republicans surveyed said they believed Republicans should not contest the convention, compared to 34 percent who believe they should.

The Hill reports:

Republicans’ embrace of Trump may be a bit more nuanced. He still does not have the support of a majority of Republicans, despite having won more than half the necessary 1,237 delegates to lock up the nomination, including with his most recent win Tuesday in Arizona.

Forty-one percent of Republican and GOP-leaning registered voters surveyed by Monmouth say they support Trump, compared to 29 percent for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and 19 percent for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. And among those GOP voters not currently supporting Trump, 55 percent want to see someone else besides him get the nomination at a contested convention, while 31 percent said the party should back him.

Cruz, who is currently running second in the delegate count, topped the list of those who Republicans would like to see nominated other than Trump, followed by Kasich, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

The survey of 353 Republican and GOP-leaning voters was conducted March 17–20 via telephone with a margin of error of 5.2 points.

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