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Rolling Stone Endorses Hillary Clinton

In 1972, Rolling Stone (and the brilliant and entertaining coverage of Hunter S. Thompson) helped get George McGovern nominated to the party, the most progressive liberal ever so honored. So this year, some wondered if another progressive insurgent, Bernie Sanders, would get their nod of approval.

It was not to be.

“Hillary Clinton has an impressive command of policy, the details, trade-offs and how it gets done. It’s easy to blame billionaires for everything, but quite another to know what to do about it,” Jann Wenner, editor, wrote in his endorsement of the former Secretary of State.

The Hill reports:

While praising aspects of Democratic rival Bernie Sanders‘s call for breaking up the big banks and his emphasis on inequality, Wenner blasted the independent Vermont senator’s explanation of a “political revolution” to get his agenda through Congress.

“This is a vague, deeply disingenuous idea that ignores the reality of modern America,” Wenner wrote, adding, “I have been to the revolution before. It ain’t happening.” He also praised Clinton’s experience as secretary of State and focus on social justice issues.

Wenner acknowledged that Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, has enjoyed the most enthusiasm in the race among young voters, characterizing the youth vote as wanting “idealism, integrity and authenticity.”

“You get a sense of ‘authenticity’ when you hear Sanders talking truth to power, but there is another kind of authenticity, which may not feel as good but is vitally important, when Clinton speaks honestly about what change really requires,” he wrote.

The endorsement comes after Clinton won the top-prize Arizona on Tuesday, keeping momentum in the Democratic race, while Sanders added to his delegate count with wins in Utah and Idaho. Clinton has recently turned her focus toward the general election.

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