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Watch Donald Trump’s ‘Totally Bananas’ Interview With Washington Post

Donald Trump sat down with the editorial board of The Washington Post for an extended interview, which you can watch below.

The Post called the interview “bananas,” because of some of the more flamboyant answers the GOP frontrunner gave to them.

He, as is typical dodged policy questions. For example, when asked about criminal justice reform, specifically the disproportionate incarceration of black citizens.

” Well I’ve never really see anything that – you know, I feel very strongly about law enforcement. And, you know, if you look at the riot that took place over the summer, if that were stopped – it all, it mostly took place on the first evening, and if that were stopped on the first evening, you know, you’d have a much nicer city right now, because much of that damage and much of the destruction was done on Evening One.”

“So I feel that law enforcement, it’s got to play a big role. It’s got to play a big role. But that’s a pretty good example, because tremendous amounts of damage was done that first evening – first two evenings, but the first evening in particular. And so I’m a very strong believer in law enforcement, but I’m also a very strong believer that the inner cities can come back,” he said.

He also would go off on bizarre tangents out his buildings.

“So we’re having a news conference today in the new building that’s going up, and the building is very much ahead of schedule, because it was supposed to open two years from September, and we’re going to open it in September.”

“We could open it actually sooner but we’re going to break it in a little bit, so we’re going to open it in September, and it’s under budget, even though we’ve increased the quality of the finishes substantially, marble finishes, very high quality of marble, so we’re under budget and ahead of schedule. And I’m, you know, I am that way when I build, I know how to build, I know how to get things done.”

“The GSA [General Services Administration], I will say, GSA has been very professional, they’ve been very, veryprofessional. They chose us over—I think they had more than 100 people who bid, you can imagine, because of the location, but they had over 100 people that bid, and it was broken down into ten finalists, and I got it.”

Watch the entire crazy hour below:


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