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Ralph Nader Dubs Clinton ‘Hillary The Hypocrite’

Ralph Nader, five-time third-party presidential candidate, had some harsh words for current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary the hypocrite ought to open up on Broadway,” he said during an interview with a political activist.

“At the same time she’s denouncing big money corrupting politics, she’s taking big money corrupting her politics.”

“She says one thing to voters and she does exactly the opposite in terms of her campaign cash sources. This is the problem with Hillary Clinton – she wants it both ways.”

The Hill reports:

Nader also accused Clinton of longstanding coziness with Wall Street, citing her history of paid speeches before major financial firms.

“Well, Hillary is basically the favorite candidate of Wall Street,” he said of the former secretary of State. “They’re pouring money into her campaign. She reciprocates. Hillary the Wall Street promoter, she gets money from Wall Street and yet she can come out on that stage and say exactly the opposite and get away with it.”

Nader additionally charged that Clinton’s past record in public service offers evidence she would not lead an accountable Oval Office.

“She’s anything but direct and clear,” he said. “What kind of White House is she going to run with that kind of tradition of secrecy? A secret White House usually becomes an illegally-operating White House.”

Nader said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) offers an attractive alternative to Clinton, his Democratic presidential primary foe.

“Sen. Sanders doesn’t give the paid speeches to Wall Street firms or big commercial trade conventions,” he said.  “That’s a matter of public record. The contrast couldn’t be greater between Hillary the hawk and Hillary the Wall Street promoter and the populist, Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

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