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Sanders Wins Support Of Idaho Superdelegate

Despite saying that the superdelegate designation in the Democratic party–a party VIP who has a vote for the nominee at the convention–is an undemocratic process, he’s perfectly cool with getting their support.

A member of the Democratic National Committee, Pete Gertonson has said that he will support the Vermont Senator after Sanders won the state by a huge margin.

“Pent-up frustrations of a red state, exploded Idaho Caucuses to historic numbers last Tuesday night, with 78 % for Bernie Sanders,” Gertonson said in a written statement.
“I’m proud to be an Idaho Democrat representing the people’s choice. I’ll cast our Super Delegate vote for Bernie Sanders!”

The Hill reports:

Sanders scored a huge win in Idaho’s caucuses on Tuesday, receiving 78 percent of the vote.
But despite his Tuesday wins in Idaho and Utah, Sanders is trailing rival Hillary Clinton in overall delegates, 1,690 to 946, according to The Associated Press early Thursday afternoon. 
Sanders has a particular disadvantage in superdelegates, who can choose who to support without regard for election results.
Clinton has the support of 467 superdelegates, to 26 for Sanders.

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