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Sanders: ‘Too Early’ To Talk About Supporting Clinton

Bernie Sanders has had a string of primary contest victories, and dodged the question of whether or not he will tell his supporters to unify behind Hillary Clinton should he not be the nominee.

“Right now, I am running to become president of the United States, and I hope very much, Chuck, you will be asking her that question,” the Vermont Senator said on Meet the Press to Chuck Todd.

However, the answer is almost certainly “yes,” however given the strength of his coalition, he believes he can make some demands before that support is given publicly.

The Hill reports:

During an interview last Thursday on the progressive web show “The Young Turks,” Sanders said Clinton would need to support a $15 an hour minimum wage to earn his support, along with backing tougher regulations of the finance industry and closing corporate tax loopholes.

But Sunday, a day after Sanders swept three western states, Sanders said he’s focusing on winning the Democratic nomination.

“It’s too early to talk about that right now,” Sanders said when asked about supporting Clinton. “We have a lot of momentum. We’re focusing on Wisconsin, New York State. We have a path to victory, and we’re going to win this nomination process.”

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