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Cruz To Trump: Let’s Debate Tonight

Scheduled to appear at separate Town Hall events at CNN, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump almost had a debate if the Texas Senator had his way.

“Now our friend Donald finds debates very, very stressful,” Cruz said at a rally. “They make his hair stand on end.”

“We’re in the same location. They got the TV cameras; they got the moderators … the one thing they’re missing is The Donald,” he went on.

“Donald prefers to communicate in 140 characters or less. The people of Wisconsin deserve a real debate. Donald’s absence speaks even louder than his presence.”

The Hill reports:

Republican presidential Ted Cruz mocked Donald Trump for threatening to skip Tuesday night’s presidential town hall and continued to challenge the GOP presidential front-runner to a one-on-one debate. 

Cruz held a rally in Brookfield, Wis., following Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) endorsement of the Texas senator one week ahead of the state’s primary. The former presidential hopeful called Cruz “a principled constitutional conservative who can win.” 

Cruz noted that “it’s neck and neck. Donald Trump and I are effectively tied in the state of Wisconsin. That means … any candidate running for president owes it to come in front of the state and actually debate. 

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