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Trump: I’m More Intelligent Than Hillary

Donald Trump appeared at his second televised town hall in as many nights, this time on MSNBC. When asked if he was more of a war hawk than some claim Hillary Clinton is, Trump decided to say he was smarter than the former Secretary of State.

“Are you more hawkish than Hillary or less hawkish?” Chris Matthews, moderator of the event, asked Trump on Wednesday night.
“I’m probably more intelligent than Hillary,” Trump responded, to laughter in the audience.

The Hill reports:

Trump said he wouldn’t make a “blanket statement” like that, but said he’s repeatedly called U.S. involvement in Iraq a mistake that destabilized the Middle East.

“When we got out of Iraq, we got out the wrong way,” the businessman said. “We set a date, which was terrible. We should have left some soldiers back.”

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