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Trump’s Aide’s Lawyer Resigned From DOJ After Allegedly Biting A Stripper

The lawyer representing embattled Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was once a U.S. attorney working for the Department of Justice. He resigned under dubious circumstances, to say the least.

“After racking up a $900 bill at the Lipstik Club in south Miami-Dade County, [Kendall] Coffey allegedly bit a stripper known only as “Tiffany” during a dispute. He paid the bill with a credit card before being kicked out of the club, according to the Miami Herald. The paper also reported Coffey’s father later bought back the credit card slip for $1,200 in an attempt to conceal his alleged involvement,” Talking Points Memo reports.

“The Sentinel also reported Coffey went to the strip club because he was feeling “despondent” about a recent high-profile acquittal of two men charged with smuggling $2 billion of cocaine into the country over 13 years.”

The Hill reports:

Coffey, who was appointed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1993, stepped down after the Justice Department concluded an investigation into the nightclub incident, according to reportsfrom the time.
Coffey, a founding partner of the law firm Coffey Burlington, then returned to private practice. 
He was involved in the high-profile custody battle of Elián González in 2000.
Lewandowski was charged in the alleged battery of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, local police said Tuesday morning.
Coffey’s law firm is representing Trump in a suit he brought against Doral, Fla., residents living near one of his golf courses. Trump is accusing the residents of chopping down trees on the course’s property.

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