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DNC Party Chair: Sanders Will Appear On Ballot

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has had a string of victories over the past few weeks, giving his campaign much-needed momentum. However, not appearing on the ballot in an upcoming primary contest would be a significant roadblock.

Anita Bonds, the chairwoman of the Democratic Party in Washington, D.C. has assured all of those in her district that those “feeling the Bern” will have a chance to cast a vote for their candidate.

“Bernie will be on the ballot,” she told CNN on Wednesday.

The Hill reports:

The D.C. Democratic Party was required to file to the D.C. Board of Elections by March 16 but submitted the registration paperwork for Sanders a day late, and a challenge was filed against him.

Bonds said the party’s deadline is a few hours after the Board of Elections closes, so the staff usually delivers the filings the next day, which has been the standard in the past, but this time, someone challenged Sanders.

Bonds said she would submit a “clarification” in the city rules that would allow a 24-hour grace period after the filing deadline, putting Sanders on the ballot, according to CNN. 

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