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Jan Brewer: GOP Strife Over Trump ‘Almost Unbearable’

The former Republican Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer has all kinds of feelings about the current strife in the GOP Presidential primary.

“There has been an absolute frontal attack on Mr. Trump during this election,” she told the Fox Business Network. Brewer is a Trump supporter who stumps for him on the campaign trail.

“[It is] not only from the insiders, but from, I believe, a lot of the media. It just continues and continues — the assault, the stories [and] the mix-up. It’s becoming almost unbearable,” she said, bravely staving off “the vapors.”

The Hill reports:

Brewer argued that Republicans are splitting apart rather than rallying around Trump as their party’s presidential front-runner.

“I’ve been a Republican for 50 years, so I know how the Republican Party operates,” said Brewer, who endorsed Trump late last month.

“We always come together [and] we always support our nominee,” she added. “We as Republicans are the party of the big tent. Now we’re seeing everybody go in the opposite direction. It’s unfortunate and it is fracturing our party.”

Brewer added that only a unified GOP could defeat Hillary Clinton should she become the Democratic presidential nominee.

“The bottom line is we need we need a candidate and party that will go full forward against Hillary Clinton, who I assume will be the nominee,” Brewer said.

Trump on late Tuesday revoked his pledge to support any GOP nominee, suggesting there are some candidates he would never back.

GOP rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich followed suit, each suggesting that evening that their past pledges also remain uncertain.

Both men have proposed a contested Republican National Convention for keeping Trump away from their party’s presidential nomination.

Trump has predicted possible “riots” if he is kept from that honor despite his leads in both delegates and voter support.

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