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Trump: US Soldiers Are ‘Afraid To Fight’ Because Of Geneva Conventions

Donald Trump showcased his utter lack of knowledge about the military or war-fighting again Wednesday at a campaign event in Wisconsin.

“The problem is we have the Geneva Conventions, all sorts of rules and regulations, so the soldiers are afraid to fight,” he said.

The Geneva Conventions are an agreed-upon set of rules that most warring powers agree to follow. As a terror-based group, the so-called Islamic State doesn’t adhere to that code, but an oath is an oath.

The Hill reports:

Trump has repeatedly called for the use of enhanced interrogation techniques and last week, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, said he would authorize any means necessary for interrogating terror suspects, including waterboarding.

“We can’t waterboard, but [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] can chop off heads,” the celebrity businessman said on Wednesday.

Trump is in a tight race against Ted Cruz in the Badger State. Cruz leads the GOP front-runner by 3 points, according to RealClearPolitics poll average. A Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday found Cruz with a 10-point lead.

The Texas senator also got a significant endorsement on Tuesday from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who called Cruz “a principled constitutional conservative who can win.”

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