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Bill Clinton: I’ll Use My Superdelegate Vote For Sanders If He Wins

One of the great ironies of the Democratic party is that it’s primary process includes a number of delegates with nominating power who are unelected by the people. Some of them have been elected as representatives of their state and others are party V.I.P.s. One of the latter is former President Bill Clinton.

One would not be remiss to think that President Clinton would cast his vote for his wife regardless of the outcome, because while not the perfect husband the 42nd President has always been supportive of his wife politically.

Yet, as the nomination fights looks as though it’s going to come down to these party insiders, Clinton assured Democrats that the superdelegates will not take the nomination away from Bernie Sanders if he wins a majority of the pledged delegates.

The Hill reports:

Clinton said he did the same thing in 2008 when Barack Obama, then an Illinois senator, beat out his wife Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.
“Last time I did what my candidate asked, I voted for Barack Obama,” Clinton told the Daily News.
Some Democratic superdelegates in New York have said they would not change their vote from Hillary Clinton even if she loses the primary, the Daily News reported.
Clinton has a lead over Sanders in the race for the nomination, taking 1,712 delegates to Sanders’s 1,011.
According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, the former first lady has 51.3 percent support nationally in the Democratic race, with Sanders trailing at 42.3 percent.

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