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Cruz Jokes About Running Over Trump With A Car

The rhetoric on the Republican side of the primary race has been ludicrous from the beginning, however the recent exchanges between Cruz and Trump have been exceedingly ugly.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Texas Senator made a joke about hitting Donald Trump with a car.

“I dislike Obama’s policies more. Donald is a unique individual,” Cruz said, then added, “If I were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw Donald in the backup camera, I’m not confident which pedal I’d push.”

The Hill reports:

Trump last week launched an attack against Cruz’s wife, Heidi, after an anti-Trump super-PAC used a picture of Trump’s wife, Melania, posing nude in an ad.
Cruz has said multiple times he was not involved in the ad and has slammed Trump for bringing his wife into the race.
He also criticized Trump on Wednesday for his comments about abortion, saying the businessman “hasn’t seriously thought through the issues, and he’ll say anything to get attention.”
Trump drew controversy Wednesday for saying women should be punished for getting illegal abortions. He later sought to clarify his position, saying he would not punish women but instead the abortion providers.

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