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DC To Hold Emergency Vote To Put Sanders On Ballot

As reported yesterday, Bernie Sanders’s campaign for President was stunned to learn that due to an error, their candidate would not be on the ballot in Washington D.C.

The Vermont Senator has won a string of the past primary contests, and if he is to win a majority of pledged delegates, he cannot afford to not have his name on a ballot in D.C.

The Hill reports:

NBC News4 is reporting that D.C. council member and Democratic Party Chairwoman Anita Bonds will propose emergency legislation to ensure Sanders’s name makes it on the ballot after the party accidentally submitted its slate to the Election Board late. 

Hillary Clinton also appeared on the late submission, but only Sanders received a challenge over the error. 

Bonds and other Democrats have said that Sanders will not be kept from the D.C. contest, and he’s drawn support from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who tweeted Thursday that Sander should be on the ballot. 

D.C. holds its primary on June 14, the very last day of the Democratic primary calendar.

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