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Kasich Defends Eating Pizza With A Fork And Knife

Ohio Governor John Kasich was in New York and went to Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Queens, New York and then ruined his reputation by using a knife and fork on the pizza like a savage.

Since then, Kasich has been defending his desecration of a holy mealtime tradition, eating pizza with one’s hands the way God and the Universe intended.

“The pizza came out scalding hot, and so I used a little fork,” he told GMA on Thursday. He also reminded reporters that he has been eating pizza since most of them were born.

The Hill reports:

Kasich said Thursday that his wife was happier with his fork-and-knife approach.

“You know what she said, ‘I’m proud of you, you finally learned how to use a utensil properly,’ ” he joked.

“Look, not only did I eat the pizza, I had the hot sausage. It was fantastic,” he said.

He also defended himself on Fox News on Thursday, saying he was just trying to be “responsible.”

“Listen, I get a piece of pizza, it’s scalding hot, I’m trying to be responsible.” 

The Republic stands…for now.



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