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Report: FBI Moves To Interview Clinton Over Emails

While they may be signing off for good on April 12, Al Jazeera America had one big scoop left, apparently. On Wednesday, the network reported that sources within the FBI have told them Democratic frontrunner for the nomination Hillary Clinton will be questioned by the bureau about her use of a private e-mail server while Secretary of State.

For months, a number of people (mostly conservative talking-point machines) have been saying that Hillary Clinton’s indictment is imminent. The Department of Justice, as per their policy, has been mum on the issue.

Yet, according AJAM, the FBI has completed its investigation and is seeking to interview ex-spokesperson Phillipe Reines, former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mils, and Clinton herself.

The Hill reports:

The probe could be completed “in weeks not months,” the report added, citing unnamed law enforcement officials. The report also says that Justice Department prosecutors have joined the FBI’s investigative team. 

The news furthers speculation that the federal investigation is nearing a conclusion, nearly a year after it began.

Earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Times reported that the FBI was in the process of arranging interviews with former State Department officials, possibly including Clinton herself.

Officials told Al Jazeera that FBI head James Comey could make a recommendation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch over potential criminal charges in the coming weeks. 

The investigation has dogged Clinton’s presidential campaign and threatens to ensnare her further if the Justice Department decides to move forward with an indictment against Clinton or one of her former aides.

Conservative critics have long hoped that Clinton herself would be subjected to a charge, but the Democratic presidential front-runner has dismissed any suggestion along those lines.

Reports about the number of federal agents assigned to the Clinton probe have ranged fromroughly a dozen to fewer than 50.

The months-long probe took a new twist earlier this month, when the IT official believed to have set up Clinton’s personal server, Bryan Pagliano, was reportedly granted immunity in exchange for cooperating with the FBI.

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