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Rosario Dawson: ‘Shame on you, Hillary’

Rosario Dawson may play well-meaning nurse Claire Temple on Netflix’s smash-hit Daredevil, but in the real world the only scrappy New York-born fighter she is trying to save is Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign for President.

The actress, who has appeared in dozens of films, had some harsh words for Hillary Clinton, after the former Secretary of State suggested Sanders was cavalier about women’s issues.

“Today I heard some obfuscating of facts,” Dawson said at a rally for Sanders on Thursday, referring to Clinton.

Yet, when the crowd began to boo at her name, she chided them for it. “No, no, no, we’re better than that,” she said.

The Hill reports:

Dawson went on to slam Clinton for implying that Sanders didn’t care about women’s issues because of his response to Donald Trump’s suggestion that women should be punished for getting illegal abortions. He called the proposal, which Trump later reversed, “shameful.”

“Shame on you, Hillary,” Dawson said.

“Oh sorry hold on, let me watch my tone. Because we very much want a debate, which she already agreed to,” she said, referring to Clinton’s comment that she would debate Sanders only if he “changed his tone.”

“I don’t have to vote against someone, I can vote for someone who’s on our side,” she added.

The feud between Sanders and Clinton has escalated in recent days. Another celebrity Sanders supporter, Susan Sarandon, said she didn’t know whether she would support Clinton in a general election against Trump.

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