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Warren: Trump is a ‘business loser’

A lot of times, people bemoan how celebrity-obsessed Americans are, but Stephen Colbert is trying to do something about that. Since taking over The Late Show from David Letterman, he has spoken to a number of political figures.

Naturally, the talk quickly turned to Donald Trump, as it so often does. “He is not a business success, he is a business loser,” the Massachusetts Senator said.

Warren claimed that rather than working hard and acheiving the American Dream, the GOP frontrunner “cheated his way to getting richer.”

“This is his main claim, to how it is that he says he’s qualified to be president of the United States. He says in business, he wins, wins, wins. Well the truth is, he inherited a fortune from his father.”

“A small million-dollar loan,” the host said, mocking an answer to this question Trump gave at a CNN town hall earlier this week.

“Yeah, right,” she said. “He inherited a fortune from his father. He kept it going by cheating and defrauding people.”

The Hill reports:

Warren pointed to financial analysis that found that if Trump had put all of the money he inherited from his father into index funds, he’d just about as rich as he is now.

“He wasn’t out there doing fabulous deals. He started out rich, he cheated his way to getting richer,” she said.

“That is not going to build an America for hardworking people. He’s going to leave them in the dirt like he’s left everybody else in the dirt.”

Warren said the businessman is only looking out for himself.

“He smells that there’s change in the air and what he wants to do is make sure that that change works really really well for Donald Trump,” she said.

She also said that while the economy is in real trouble, calling on Trump to fix it is not a good decision.

“When the economy is in this type of trouble, calling on Trump for help,” she said, “is like if your house is on fire, calling an arsonist to come help out.”

Warren has repeatedly criticized Trump in the past, calling him a “loser” who plays on “cheap racism” for votes.

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