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Sanders Makes Surprise Colbert Appearance

Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally last night in the Bronx, but made some time to stop by the Ed Sullivan theater and Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

It was during a segment called “Wheel of News,” in which they “randomly” select news topics with a giant lever held by a guy under Colbert’s desk.

Sanders mostly talked about his campaign. “We have won six out of the last seven caucuses, most of which were by landslide victories,” he said, “I think the superdelegates should listen to the will of the people. If you get 60, 70, 80 percent of the vote in a state, I think superdelegates should vote for us.”

The Hill reports: 

Since his Saturday sweep in three Democratic contests in the West, Sanders has said that he thinks many superdelegates who have already pledged to Clinton will flip to his side.

“We are the strongest candidate, I believe, in taking on any Republican candidate,” Sanders said. “I would hope that superdelegates take a look at who the strongest Democratic candidate is, and you know what, that’s me.”

Though Sanders has picked up a few undecided superdelegates in the past few days, there’s no evidence that Clinton superdelegates, most of whom lined up for her months ago, plan to defect from the front-runner, The Hill reported this week.

Sanders then ditched politics to show a lighter side, exclaiming “I would like to spin that damn wheel!” before walking to the other side of Colbert’s desk and seeing the lever for the wheel was operated by a human.

“Hey, there is a human being down here,” Sanders joked. “What is going on? What are you doing to this worker?… What kind of operation are you running, Stephen?” Sanders asked before pulling the lever and launching T-shirts into the crowd with a cannon.

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