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Palin: Politicians Using ‘Teddy Bears’ To Lure Immigrants

Former Alaska Governor and current Trump surrogate Sarah Palin hit the trail in Wisconsin, and delivered the sort of disjointed nonsense that is the hallmark of her authorial voice.

In her latest tirade against reason and basic sentence structure, Palin heaped praise on Trump for his plans on immigration, despite them being costly and likely impossible to pull off.

“Knowing that Trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates, ‘What the heck are you thinking, candidates? What are you thinking when you’re going ahead and actually asking for more immigrants, illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing immigrants with gift baskets of teddy bears and soccer balls?'” she said.

“It’s just inviting more. Candidates can say anything they want to about immigration, but actions scream so much louder than a politician’s words.”

The Hill reports:

The former Alaska governor also blasted trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying they are eroding America’s character and work ethic.

“Where we’re headed with trade, well, it’s going to ultimately fundamentally transform America into something we don’t recognize, and our kids and our grandkids … they’ll never know then what it is then to be rewarded for that entrepreneurial spirit that God creates within us in order to work and to produce and to strive and to thrive and to really be alive,” she said.

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