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Trump: If I Win, Everything Bad In US Will Be Reversed

Donald Trump’s campaign has been mostly ludicrous, but part of his skill set is to continually set the bar for silliness higher and higher.

His latest campaign promise does just that, in which he suggests that merely by being elected all that’s wrong in the world will be made right.

“Wisconsin has suffered a great loss of jobs and trade, but if I win, all of the bad things happening in the U.S. will be rapidly reversed!” he wrote in a tweet. Trump is critical of Governor Scott Walker because he dropped out of the Presidential race months ago saying that the party needed to unite against Trump.

The Hill reports:

Trump is campaigning in Wisconsin just days before the state’s primary. He has three events in the state Saturday, and several more before the Tuesday election.
Trump is trailing rival Ted Cruz in the state by about four points, according to a RealClearPoliticspolling average.

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