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NYPD Commissioner Slams Cruz

NYPD top cop Bill Bratton has some harsh words for Ted Cruz and comments the Texas Senator made about how law enforcement should police for terror.

“Sen. Cruz was very anti-American, anti-Muslims in some of his comments in light of the Belgium bombings,” Bratton said in an interview.

“The idea that we should be increasing our patrols of our Muslim neighborhoods and overseeing a surveillance of them; I’m sorry, we live in the United States of America.”

“We do not surveil any particular group,” he said.

The Hill reports: 

Bratton was one of the first public officials to condemn the Texas senator’s suggestion after the Brussels terror attacks and hasn’t let up, suggesting those statements would cost him the presidency. 

Bratton went on to say he took the attack personally because the NYPD has 900 Muslim police officers.

“I took Mr. Cruz’s remarks as a denigration not only of a religion or the people but of my police officers and civilian employees in this department,” he said.

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