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Sanders: Clinton Is Getting ‘Very Nervous’

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that the recent successes of his campaign are making his rival Hillary Clinton worried.

“I think the secretary is getting very nervous, that poll after poll shows us doing much better against [Donald] Trump than she is,” Sanders said on This Week on ABC.

“The last CNN poll had us up by 20 points. Here in Wisconsin, I was 19 points ahead of Trump, also a significant margin better than she is.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders said the fact that he’s the longest-serving independent in the history of the country makes his candidacy even stronger.

“You’ve got a lot of independents out there,” he said.

Sanders said he thinks he can get “virtually all of the Democratic vote” and a lot of the independent vote in the general election.

“I think we’ve got a lot of young people’s vote, working-class people’s vote. I think we’re on the way to a victory if we can win the Democratic nomination,” he said.

Sanders added that he’s won states over the last few weeks by large margins and is the candidate in the best position to win in a general election.

“I think as many superdelegates look out there, what they are saying, ‘Yes, well, I like Hillary, I like Bernie, but most importantly, we’ve got to beat Donald Trump, and I think they will see that Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate to do that,’ ” he said.

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