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Trump Not Ruling Out Third-Party Run

One of the earliest concerns about the Donald Trump campaign was that should he lose the nomination, had the funds and notoriety to launch a successful third-party run. It turns out, that’s still a threat.

“It’s not a question of win or lose; it’s a question of treatment,” the front-runner told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

“I’m by far the front-runner. I want to run as a Republican. I will beat Hillary Clinton. I’m going to have to see how I was treated,” he said, implying if he doesn’t like his treatment he will run a third-party bid.

The Hill reports:

Trump said he has concerns the Republican Party may try to “steal” the nomination from him if he doesn’t make it to the convention with the necessary 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination outright.

Trump first raised the prospect of a third-party run during an exclusive interview with The Hill last summer.

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