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Clinton ‘Absolutely Confident’ She Will Win Nomination

Hillary Clinton has said that despite a string of successes from the Sanders campaign, she is still all-but certain she has this election in the bag.

“I am very confident that I will be the nominee, but I’m not taking anything or any place or anyone for granted,” she said, speaking to Good Morning America.

“I’m absolutely confident that I will be the nominee,” she said, acknowledging that she seems to have lost momentum.

The Hill reports:

Clinton said she thinks voters “are really tuning in and trying to figure out what we’re going to do,” emphasizing her message as a candidate who can get results, serve as commander in chief and be a unifier.

Clinton is trailing rival Bernie Sanders by 2 points ahead of Wisconsin’s primary on Tuesday,according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls. She leads the Vermont senator by 11 points in her home state of New York, where voters will cast ballots later this month.

Clinton argued that she is not taking Sanders’s chances in the Empire State lightly, however.

“I’m going to do everything I can to win New York,” she said. “I represented New York for eight years. I care deeply about this state. I am proud of the work I did with so many thousands of New Yorkers, so of course I’m going to work incredibly hard.”

Clinton added that she will continue attacking the GOP presidential field over its rhetoric, charging that it does not represent American values.

“While I am very focused on the primary and getting the number of delegates necessary for being the nominee, I’m going to keep standing up to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or anybody else that are saying things that are so contrary to who we are,” Clinton said, mentioning the top two candidates in the Republican primary field.

“That gets to my last test — can you unify the country, or do you want to divide us more than we already are?”

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